Ad-Aware - Keep your system clean of spyware.
Google Pop-Up Blocker - Stop those annoying pop-ups.
Symantec Security Check - Virus and Security Scan.
Freeservers - Start your own website
GoDaddy - Start your own website
C-Net - FREE utilities, programs, games, and product reviews.
ZD Net - FREE utilities, programs, games, and product reviews.


US Government Guide - guide for jobs, emergencies, benefits, auctions, taxes, communities, health, etc...
US Citizenship/Immigration - Find answers to many Immigration questions or check your status.
US Sexual Offender Registry - Protect your loved ones. Know who lives in your neighborhood.
NHMS - HUD Housing, including the Officer Next Door program, for NY, NJ, and FL.


Crime Library - Serial killers, gangsters, terrorists and more.
WebMD - Find answers to your medical or pharmaceutical questions.
Live Your Dreams 24/7 - Investments, taxes, and real estate assistance.
Coupon Mountain - Get discount coupons BEFORE you make that final purchase.
Slick Deals - Another place to look for discounts BEFORE you buy online.


PERSONALLY DEVELOPED SITES - Personal web page for the Top Dogg himself. - Her personal web page .
Resort Disney - A nice vacation area for singles, couples, and families.
AdventureInc - DDO Guild on Aundair Server.